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PostSubject: Casting   Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:07 pm

Two weeks ago I finished the script for minish man. Then I went to chicago for a week. Which means that I can promise you one thing. The minish man season one animated before christmas. If not I'm in deep trouble.

I am now casting for the minish man. Here are the roles for the flash.

Now for trying out I need you to send me a email of a mp3 file of you trying out for the character on which you want.

Here is my email.

Here is the script:

Anime Biohazard -> Minish Man Season One Flash Script

Blue Link-Me



Not taken
Betty/Blind the theif(preferrably a boy who can do a really cheesey girl voice)

Sage of light:

Sage of darkness:


Red Link:

Purple Link:

Green Link:

Waddle Dee:

King Dedede(must be good with making comical pain sounds):

Dark Link:

Dark Kirby:

King of Hyrule:


Announcer for cafe:

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