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 How to play roleplay

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I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.

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PostSubject: How to play roleplay   Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:31 pm


Play-by-Post games are usually written in the third person perspective. This allows the players and gamemasters to write in the personas of their characters. This is the best way to separate the player character from the person playing the character (the typist). Sometimes online game terms such as OOC (Out of character) or OOG (Out of Game) are used to differentiate character vs. personal posting.

The first message posted onto a thread of that nature is usually one person laying down the scenario, starting a story about their character and inviting others. If successful, the thread then becomes an ongoing story in which players periodically advance the plot by reading the latest reply and then typing a short paragraph or two about what their character does and how the environment changes in response. These replies are often open-ended so that other players can continue.

Depending on the rules established on the forum, roleplaying and story can be pushed forward through moderation by a gamemaster, specific rules (often existing role-playing game systems), or by mutual agreement between players. Role-playing of the latter type does not rely on statistics or visible die, and this can sometimes render combat situations difficult for players used to such props. Any combat is usually written in entirety by one or two players; and in some systems will be allowed to include the actions of another player in their post. Commonly this practice is considered cheating in more established play-by-post games, where players are responsible for their own characters. Any form of this cheating (automatic hits and controlling another player's character) is commonly referred to as "god-moding".

In certain Play-by-post gaming circles larger-scale boards exist where the entire board is devoted to advancing a single storyline, rather than many different stories proceeding in separate threads. They vary in organization, but many include a full set of rules governing roleplaying and combat between players, threads detailing a set storyline (often contributed to by plot-advancing, staff-organized events, or player roleplays), character approval forums, and a full staff with admin(s) and moderators. These types of games then vary from that groundwork; some games go as far as to include a virtual "world" to roleplay in, by cutting up the entire game universe into separate forums, each based on locations within that universe. All games set in a particular setting are played in the corresponding forum.

Many message board based games establish a hierarchy of moderators to manage plot flow and continuity. To keep story threads organised the message board is often organised into forums based on geographical location within the game setting.
All credit goes to Linksonick he wrote this not me. If you want to read it where he posted it go Here.
Advance Roleplay:

There are many ways to RP in forums, its usualy done by making large 10 paragraph stories, but in chat, you must be quick and response, yet type deeply with great info.

Advance is harder, you must use good grammar, spelling, and detailed info on what your character is doing. But by the time you get to this part of RP, people tend to make their own style or form of RP chatting or posting.
again I did not write this (ahem well actully I sorta did. I just cut some words off dosen't count though) Shadow Link wrote it. you can also read it here if you want to.
What are Kudos?:
Kudos are made up money you earn in The Roleplay Game Area(or at least here on our site)
You start off with 40 Kudos. You try to get more kudos by fighting monsters.
Your Limit is 200 Kudos. Also, you can help people in the RP Area (at some point Rolling Eyes ) and also earn kudos that way.

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How to play roleplay
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