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 mmorpg pokemon - PokemonCraft - pokemon game :)

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PostSubject: mmorpg pokemon - PokemonCraft - pokemon game :)   Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:15 pm

hi everybody

i am going to introduce you a new browser based online rpg pokemon game

first of all this is not a spam topic i will check regularly and answer all questions cuz i am the developer of the game Wink

this game is quite new but it is solid so dont think this game same as other games ^^

pokemon mmorpg PokemonCraft .
This game is browser based but it has lots of unique features .
This game is not a copy cat or not built on previous source code .

when you explore its world i am pretty sure you will immediately discover that .

It is based on GBA games maps . currently using only kanto maps but in the future all leagues maps will get included .

also it has a very nice Pokedex and embedded chat screens at game page. so you can chat with other players while playing the game .

i am strongly suggesting you this Pokemon Game . i hope you enjoy while playing .

also i can not miss to tell very advanced market system . available online pokemon games currently offering trading system. but at this game you can put bazaar your pokemons to exchange with game gold immediately. also you will get information messages from system automaticly when you sell or offered something from somebody else.

it has 317 different awesome avatars

you can see whole list from here: Pokemon Pictures

just check the game
you will see how good it is

thnx for reading have fun while playing

now let's see some game screen shots bounce

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mmorpg pokemon - PokemonCraft - pokemon game :)
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