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 Tenz returns!

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I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.
I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.

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PostTenz returns!

You all know my Game about tenz the hedgehog?

If not play here: link

if you do: well guess what! I'm remaking it with a new story, better game play, more levels, less glitchy and just all around better!

The game will also be using the Genesis engine(an edit of the revival engine). It'll feature three playable characters.

Playable characters:

who of course is the main character, and plays like sonic.

She plays like tails and is a completely new character.

who plays like Knuckles and of course is a new character.


Click egg please.

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Tenz returns! :: Comments

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Tenz returns!

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