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 Group/Rank (REVISED)

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I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.
I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.

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PostSubject: Group/Rank (REVISED)   Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:04 pm

Here i'll post all user ranks, and to start that off here we go.
Admin: The owner, owner(s) of the forum, we control all the big stuff around here(like groups and rankings).
Staff: These are the second in command members who take care of and moderate the forum and report members breaking the rules.
Role play leaders: These members take care of all the RPGs, if you want an rpg created ask them.
Moderator: These members take care and moderate the forum reporting members breaking the rules.
Chuunin: These are respectable members and will help with questions new members may have.

How to become one of them-

Chuunin: To become a Chuunin, You must post at least twice a day (or week) and be a member for 2 months.
If you have been with us longer than 2 months and are still not a Chuunin, the Admins may have decided you didn't fit the criteria to become one.

IF you're already a Chuunin you must post three times a day or post five times once a week.
Moderator: To become a moderator the Admins/Staff have to approve you and you must have a substantial post count and they must be of good quality. You must also log on everyday. Admins will decide who will become a Mod, so asking will not get you anywhere. Constantly asking will get you an Infraction(warning)
Role play leader: To become a role play leader you must take part in an Rpg and post in it once a day. If we deem you a good Role player, we will make you a Role Play Leader.

If you're a Role play leader you must at least post in a Rpg and moderate them once a day.
Staff: You must be approved by an Admin and post 4 times a day/week.

If you're already a Staff member, you must log on everyday, post 5 times a day/week and moderate the forum. Constantly asking to be Staff will get you an infraction.
Admin: To become and Admin is up to Me(Cloud) or Ganon19.

If your already an Admin, you must post at least once a day and moderate the forums, and discuss what we can update/create/delete on Nerfo. Again, asking to be an Admin will not get you anywhere. Constantly asking will get you an Infraction(warning)
There yea go, if you have any questions or anything PM me or Ganon19.


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Group/Rank (REVISED)
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