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 prologue-the seven angels.

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I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.
I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.

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PostSubject: prologue-the seven angels.   Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:41 pm

Note: for the full story read the legend topic(HASENT BEEN POSTED YET).
Chapter 1

Long ago, A land of life and peace stood tall people were happy back then....Until He came, Flame......He tore people apart limb by limb tortured children he was pure evil and as a last chance 7 angels were creared along with 7 demons. They locked flame into a world where he could never escape.... 7000 years have passed since then people are ruled by the evil king Maxi..... End of story. This is where it begins....

"I need nobody to help me....I wish everyone would be quiet...." Manx thought to his self as he walked through town.


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prologue-the seven angels.
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