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 Nerfo's "Green" competition!

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I'm A Cat, A wolf, And Ruler of Darkness.

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PostSubject: Nerfo's "Green" competition!   Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:43 pm

Yep Nerfo, Is joining a competition! It's Green themed, I'm Not sure What I'm gonna make it about yet. I was thinking somthing like The sea level is rising or pollution, But I'm not sure yet. Want more info? Then-

"Although you will still have to wait a bit longer for the official announcement, I think it is reasonable to give the regular glog readers already a little pre-announcement about the theme for the fourth YoYo Games competition. So you can already start thinking about the game you want to make.
We decided this time to go for a green theme: Save The Planet. Of course there are many (environment-related things) you can save the planet from: pollution, rising sea levels, hurricanes, poisonous slime, too much garbage, war, too many people, bad politicians, over-fishing, etc. And there are many ways to save the planet. Maybe you can create new species to make up for the ones that have disappeared, build railroad systems to reduce the number of cars, collect garbage, plant trees, build dikes, protect whales; let your imagination run wild.
A formal announcement, together with deadlines and further instructions will follow soon through the website.
Happy Designing" Quoted from Yoyogames official Glog(Blog) I Need Some Ideas So If you have one post it.

Nerfo Forum,
Thanks you.


Click egg please.

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Nerfo's "Green" competition!
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